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 From The left Edge

Thoughts, wanderings, and ridiculous moments

from an author living on the left edge. 

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Hello from the beach! Question: If there is a cougar on a castle size rock on the beach, do you run towards it? Do you take your kids? Do you hope there is someone on the beach that runs slower than you do? In keeping with the strange events of 2023, a cougar was spotted on Haystack Rock, the rock you see in all the calendar photos of the Oregon Coast.This is the strangest animal story I've heard in the more than 40 years I've lived here. Sunday afternoon they closed the beach because early in the morning someone spotted the cougar or mountain lion on Haystack rock. She was an enormous cat, on a rock, surrounded by water during high tides. I thought cats hated baths? How did she get there? What does she want? Someone tell me, please! Once the mountain lion was spotted and the beach was closed, people with children swarmed the beach to get a closer look at the mountain lion. Who takes their kids’ cougar spotting?! There is an old joke. How do you get away from a bear or cougar? You hike with someone who runs slower than you do. What do you call bicyclists in the woods? Meals on wheels. Confession? It gives me serious anxiety. I can’t believe they let the mountain lion go back in the wild in my neighborhood. Forest rangers and police officers waited patiently for it to saunter off the rock, cross the beach, and go through town to the mountain I love to hike. 2023 is bizarre to me. How about you? The heat, the droughts, the floods and sinkholes, the cougars, and the size of my oatmeal box for twice the price gives me a ton to write about and keeps 2023 weird. You know I'll have to write a day like Sunday in a book, don’t you? Give me some ideas! Also, forgive me for missing you last week. I had a dog walking debacle that took me to the emergency room, where after 9 hours they gave me a clean bill of health. No broken bones, but a wounded typing arm. The doctor said, "We're not getting any younger, are we." I said, "Speak for yourself!" See! 2023-I want a redo. See you when the tide comes in! :) Shannon

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